Self Evident Enterprises, LLC.

  • FeaturesSometimes you just need a little time to reflect on what’s important to you. With Single-step Meditation you can set your own relaxing music, a picture that puts you at ease, and an amount of time that you can devote to nothing but thinking.

  • BenefitsIt’s easy to get over-worked and want to call it quits, but a small break from work can make you feel refreshed and ready to go again. With Single-step Meditation, you’ll be back to work and feeling productive in no time.

  • How It WorksSome calming music and an inspiring picture can be just enough to get the gears turning in you mind to get you motivated again. With nothing to distract you you’ll be able to reflect on what’s on your mind and maybe even come up with a new idea or two.

  • PsychologyThe idea behind Single-step Meditation is simple. Everyone needs a break now and then, but who’s to say that break can’t be productive? With a set amount of time to think, you might surprise yourself with what problems solve themselves and what ideas come to mind.