Self Evident Enterprises, LLC.

  • FeaturesUse the timer to set the amount of time you can finish your task in. Select music to listen to or set a background image to help you focus. Then get to it and beat the habit of procrastination a little at a time. View a log of your activity to give you motivation and track your progress.

  • BenefitsBy setting the timer for a block of time you know you can manage you will be able to work on your task until the timer is done. You will surprise yourself at how productive you can be if you set your mind, and time, to it. Get to know your own mind and break out of your procrastination cycle.

  • Why It WorksThe simple timer along with a background image or motivational playlist gives you just enough motivation to power through the want to put off work until the last minute. It holds you accountable for the amount of time you set and gives you a feeling of accomplishment when you finish.

  • Psychology Procrastination is a skill that brings immediate pleasure (not working) at the cost of future pain (late nights working to meet the deadline). It is a bad habit acquired over time, but it can be undone. By sticking to your task for a reasonable amount of time, you will finish your work and beat procrastination one task at a time.