Self Evident Enterprises, LLC.

  • FeaturesA lot of sales work involves travel, which doesn’t always guarantee a Wi-Fi connection.  With the SalesGoals app, you don’t have to be connected to the Internet to view your contacts or update your activities. All you need is your computer.

  • BenefitsThe trouble with most CRMs is that you have to go online to use them. With the SalesGoals application at your fingertips, there’s no browser necessary. And, just like, it syncs automatically to your iPhone through the SalesGoals app. With SalesGoals, no matter where you are you’re always connected.

  • Why It WorksStaying on top of things should be simple. Our design provides a simple way for you to manage your world. Plan and track your daily activities based on your targets using the planning calendar. Administer your contacts and teams on the go. Reaching your clients and goals has never been easier.

  • How it HelpsWith our integrated goal setting technology, you can stay on top of your goals with feedback on how you’re doing with your targeted activities. The dashboard charts show you how to exceed past performance or correct your path before it’s too late.