Self Evident Enterprises, LLC.

  • Mobile CRMStay connected anytime, anywhere. Our mobile sales CRM app keeps your contacts and calendar in sync with Quickly find your way to your appointments, update your calendar and log client-meeting notes all from your iPhone. Check it out in the app store today!


  • FeaturesThe SaleGoals iPhone app helps you to manage your sales activities on the road. It provides a synchronized list of your contacts and your daily schedule. It also provides the location for all of your appointments, so you'll never be lost again!

  • BenefitsIt’s easy to get lost while you’re in the field. With the location of your appointments always on your map, you can quickly find your way. And your account automatically syncs with the iPhone app so you always have sight of your activities, contacts and goals. 

  • Contact ManagementKeep your contacts from in the palm of your hand. They will be automatically synced with your account, but will stay separate from your iPhone’s contacts. With everything in clear view, it’s easy to stay connected and on track.